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Custom framing services for original artworks and giclees (overview)


Custom  framing
custom  framing
only high-end custom frames
We have framed our own artworks for more than 30 years, and during that time we have provided a variety of framing services to patrons upon request.  For many reasons—including constant changes in the availability of moulding styles—we cannot offer off-the-shelf framing options or response times typically associated with such a service.  Of necessity, all of our framing projects are aproached, priced, and billed as constuling projects.  For example, inasmuch as the Studios does not maintain a selection of off-the-shelf or third-party moulding options  Moulding styles actually available at the time of a request for framing options must be researched.  Consequently, the research and consultation associated with such a request are billed as consultation.

Of course, services are neither performed nor billed without a prior and mutual understanding between the patron and the Studios.  The Studios does not embark upon research or consultation without an understanding that the services are billable.  Those services include consultation between the Studios and the customer aimed at clarifying patron tastes, presentation or context for the framed artwork, patron objectives, and budget, as well as costs and timeline associated with the project.

The Studios is equipped to conduct Zoom meetings as the nature of a project merits.

third-party artworks and giclees
Very, very rarely do we undertake to frame artwork that is not our own.  We can consider such a request, but only if the patron signs the Studios' artwork loan agreement, indemnifying Al Young Studios and any of the Artists of Al Young Studios, from any damage thought to have occurred to the artwork during any phase of the project.  Furthermore, insurance of loaned artworks is solely the responsibility of the patron or the patron's representative, not Al Young Studios.

Shipping is another crucial feature of project planning.  If the patron cannot pick up (curb-side) the frame or the framed artwork from the Studios, shipping (including packaging and transport) remains the responsibility of the patron.  The Studios has worked with independent carriers who serve some of the nation's leading art museums, and although we can provide the patron with information concerning our experience with such carriers, the selection, payment, and outcome for such services are the patron's sole responsibility.  We have also worked with patrons who either have their own carrier capability or with independent carrier(s) of the patron's choice.  In any case, the Studios cannot be responsible for packaging or shipping frames; original oil paintings; framed original oil paintings; or framed, limited-edition lithographs.  We do, however, ship unframed, limited-edition lithographs.

samples of the kind of frames we create
The following information is provided for patrons interested in the high-end, custom framing services available from Al Young Studios.  All moulding styles are subject to change, being presented here only as typical of the kind of museum-quality framing we provide.  All frames are finished ready-to-hang.  Small frames arrive with mounted, sawtooth hangers.  Medium and large frames arrive with either French cleats or eye screws and wire in place already (as previously determined in consultation with the patron).

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