Fine Art Framing: Al Young Studios' custom framing services for original artworks and giclees (overview)

By Al R. Young
We have framed our own artworks for more than 25 years, and during that time we have provided a variety of framing services to patrons upon request.  For various reasons--including constant change in the availability of moulding styles--we cannot offer off-the-shelf framing options or response times typically associated with such a service.  Of necessity, all of our framing projects are custom projects that are priced, completed, and billed accordingly.  For example, inasmuch as the Studios does not maintain a selection of off-the-shelf moulding options, moulding styles actually available at the time of a request for information about framing options must be researched... Read more »

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Project Commentaries: Ashton Young creates a custom, rustic frame for There Is Help For You

By Al R. Young
Ashton Young completed the design and fabrication of this frame in April 2016 in the workshops at BenHaven.  The roughness of the frame’s weathered wood represents the handcart and the ruggedness of the subject’s ordeal.  Elspeth’s hand-painted chickadee in the lower left of the frame’s liner extends to the viewer the same message of hope represented by the chickadees perched in the tree limbs above the figure.... Read more »

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Project Commentaries: Ashton Young creates a custom, rustic frame for Till We Meet Again

By Al R. Young
Ashton Young completed the design and fabrication of this frame in November 2013 in the workshops at BenHaven.  The wood of which the frame is made weathered outdoors at BenHaven for more than twenty years.  Elspeth hand-painted roses on the rough wood of the frame, as though the flowers in the painting instead of climbing only the fence in the painting had also grown over the frame.... Read more »

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Project Commentaries: Museum frames by Ashton Young included in conference center renovation

By Al R. Young
Al Young Studios engages in a broad range of specializations surrounding the creation, presentation, and care of the fine art media in which the Artists of Al Young Studios are engaged.  Custom framing is among the oldest of these services.
The commission to create two original oil paintings, as part of the Stein Eriksen Lodge Deer Valley conference center renovation, included the creation of custom frames for the artworks.  Accordingly, we chose to frame them in our gilded and antiqued Corinthian style moulding with ornamented corners... Read more »

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Exhibits: Museum frames ready for Easter exhibit

By Al R. Young
Preparing for the upcoming Easter exhibit involves framing two of the four paintings to be included in the show.  Since 1995, Al Young Studios has not only maintained its own frame shop, but has developed a unique approach to meeting its custom framing needs, particularly in terms of museum-quality frames.

Framing can be one of the great riddles that must be solved in the ongoing work of any studio.  Not only is cost an important factor, but getting the desired result from even the best of framers can be a very difficult challenge... Read more »

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