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Rush-order requests

By Al R. Young
Before requesting a rush order from Al Young Studios, please be aware of the following:Expedited shipping is already built into our shopping cart.  Consequently, expediting the shipping of a product does not require a request to rush an order.

With rare exception, all Studios' inventory is printed on demand; therefore, rushing an order means printing the product more quickly than usual.  And inasmuch as Al Young Studios out-sources all printing services, rushing an order involves not only arranging for a third party to produce the item more quickly, but printing it without delaying other orders whose delivery is already scheduled... Read more »

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Receiving a shipment from Al Young Studios

By Al R. Young
We strongly advise that upon receipt of shipment:The contents of the shipment be carefully unpacked as soon as possible.

Items in the shipment be inspected to ensure that no damage occurred during shipment.

Any suspected damage to shipment contents be reported immediately to the Studios by email or by telephone.  Email may prove preferable because information required in addressing such problems will eventually need to be communicated by email anyway, emails to support@support... Read more »

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