COVID-19 info for November 2022: Orders are being fulfilled on schedule. We've permanently discontinued in-store pickups; we now offer domestic free expedited shipping on art prints, free freight shipping on oil paintings, and free shipping on magazines. Please contact us to arrange international shipping or if your domestic delivery appears delayed.

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Orders and Shipping

1  Privacy Policy

1.1  We do not collect any personal information about individual visitors to our site unless a visitor chooses to fill out and submit a webform.   All forms—regardless of what information they require—are fed through a secure, encrypted connection to protect your privacy.  We do not share personal information with any third party, except when a shipping address is needed by a third party to fill or deliver an order, and then, no information is shared beyond customer name, shipping address, and the products ordered.

1.2  This site is hosted by us and routed through CloudFlare's networks.  Some basic information about how our site is accessed is collected anonymously through CloudFlare.  We no longer use Google Analytics.

1.3  We welcome telephone calls, letters, and emails, if you have any questions, concerns, or if you prefer to place an order without using our Shopping Cart.  We treat all information collected by telephone, regular post, or email in the same manner as data collected online.  We advise customers not to share sensitive data like credit card numbers or other personal information through email, Facebook, or other public/semi-public connections.  We cannot guarantee any protection of personal data shared through non-secured communication channels.

1.4  Your privacy as a web user is our primary concern, and we take every care to not collect more information than is needed to complete a transaction, respond to a request, or take care of another need. Order information is never shared outside of the Studios, except that the shipping address may be given to a trusted third-party as part of the order fulfillment process: this is especially the case while continuing to offer products during the COVID-19 pandemic.

1.5  If you specifically request as part of the ordering process that you would like to receive occasional emails from Al Young Studios, your email address will be added to our occasional announcement mailing list; however, we do not sell or redistribute that information, and it is for the exclusive use of Al Young Studios and is not sold, leased, or given to any third party without your explicit permission.  You may also request to be removed from the list at any time.

1.6  You are welcome to contact us at any time to correct any of the information we may have received from you, or to review with us your wishes concerning that information.  We are pleased to respect your wishes.

Frequently Asked Questions

2  Shipping Policy & Bundled Shipping

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Q: What is Bundled Shipping?
A: An attempt to provide the lowest possible shipping cost for the quantity purchase of a particular product or products in a single category.

Q: How does it work?
A: When you add a product(s) qualifying for bundled shipping, the Shopping Cart attempts to identify the best shipping combinatorics for the best price.  The cost of shipping each product separately is presented for comparison.

Q: Why did you choose to implement bundled shipping?
A: The cost of shipping multiple products was prohibitive.  We wanted our customers—particularly those who order bulk quantities—to save as much as possible on shipping.

Q: Why don't you just offer free shipping on everything?
A: We would have to raise prices—some dramatically—for all customers, particularly wholesalers, international customers, and local buyers, whenever anything affecting shipping logistics changes domestically and internationally.  To ensure that every customer for every possible order gets the best deal, shipping is always calculated separately from product price.  Separating shipping costs from product price also enables us to provide the highest quality of shipping supplies and service for an order without cutting corners in materials or service.

Q: Does bundled shipping really save me money, and how many items must I order before it takes effect?
A: Yes, the customer really does benefit.  And since most of our products qualify for bundling with similar products, once two items are ordered, price reductions take effect, and often 50 percent or more after the second product.

Q: Is bundled shipping available only when I select the Economy option?
A: No.  Whenever we can package items using faster/expedited options, we bundle those costs as well: however, the savings may not always be as large as with the Economy option.

Q: I'm shipping outside the United States.  Is bundled shipping available?
A: Absolutely!  We bundle everything we can for every destination we can.  The savings may not be as substantial for international customers (because there are weight and other customs restrictions that limit our bundling options), but if there is a bundling option for US customs there is almost always a similar savings for international customers.

Q: Will Bundled Shipping delay my order?
A: As a general rule, no.  Most Studios products are printed on demand to reduce costs for the customer; therefore, bundled items are almost always printed together, and usually ship together on the same day of printing.  However, if you order unusually large quantities, some packages may ship before others, ensuring that as much of your order arrives as quickly as possible regardless of the shipping speed you choose.

Q: I'm interested in making an extremely large order and the shipping cost will be over $1,000 with bundling enabled.  Can I get a lower rate?
A: If you want a lower rate for an extremely large order, for which shipping will cost more than $1,000, contact us to discuss freight options or other arrangements.  As a general rule, lower prices can be reached, but we do so only for orders that would cost more than $1,000 in shipping, and only on a customer-by-customer basis.

Q: Is Bundled Shipping different from your bulk discounts?
A: Yes.  Bulk discounts actually reduce the price of the product.  Bundled shipping reduces the shipping cost in addition to any bulk discount.

Q: If I select expedited shipping, will you dispatch the order more quickly?
A: Not necessarily. The Studios prepares all items for shipment as fast as they become available; that is, as fast as we receive them from our vendors.  For example, products not waiting on printing or other processing are packaged and shipped as soon as we can after receiving an order.  Consequently, the packaging of every order is always expedited.  Expedited shipping refers to the speed with which the order travels to the customer after the Studios ships it (i.e., the speed of the carrier, not the speed of Studios processing and packaging—which are always expedited).  Select expedited shipping if you want to speed up the transit or delivery of your order.

Q: What if I need something by a particular date, such as a birthday, anniversary, or holiday?
A: Attach a comment to your order or contact us, and we will do our best—often at no extra cost—to help you meet the deadline.  If, however, the deadline is such that the only way it may be possible to meet the deadline is to rush the printing of the order, a request to rush the order is necessary at an additional cost.  Read more ...

Q: How do I know what my shipping will cost?
A: The cost of shipping is calculated according to product price, quantities, handling, and means of delivery; not according to the value of the items ordered.  Once you enter your information into the online Shopping Cart, the cart computes the cost of shipping the order.  Refer to the shipping policy on this page for more information on bundling shipping costs for orders.

Q: Do you ship orders outside the United States?
A: Nearly all Studios products are available for sale outside the United States.  Occasionally, however, because of copyright or customs restrictions, some products are unavailable to some countries, or through APO/FPO/DPO addresses.  Such restrictions appear on each product's detail page and are remarked during checkout through the Shopping Cart.

Q: If I am an international customer, how can I pay for my order?
A: As with domestic orders, please use VISA, MasterCard, or Discover Card.

Q: Does Al Young Studios accept debit cards?
A: Only when the debit card can be used as a credit card, not as a debit card.

Q: How quickly will my order arrive?
A: The shipping estimates on each product's detail page indicate the maximum amount of time usually required to ship that particular product—factoring-in the time usually required for any 3rd-party printing or fulfillment.  To expedite shipment, the Studios sometimes packages and ships orders piecemeal.  Thus, depending on what you purchase and the quantity, your order could arrive in one or more packages.  Generally, orders are shipped ahead of their shipping deadlines.  The amount of time it takes for an order to reach you—factoring-in the shipping speed you choose—is additional.  For example a product that takes 1 to 3 days to ship, and assigned a 1- to 2-day shipping-speed, should arrive between the second day and five days hence—depending on the variables listed here. Due to COVID-19, fulfillment can take additional business days at the Studios, at trusted third-parties, and shipping services: please plan accordingly.

Q: Can I track the progress of my order?
A: Yes.  Tracking information, when available, is sent by email to the address you provide in your order.  We also provide you with an order-tracking URL.

Q: How do I arrange for in-store pick up?
A: Due to COVID-19, all in-store pickups or Studio visits are unavailable.

Q: Can I purchase any of your products in retail outlets?
A: No.  Studios products are currently available only through

Q: I have seen products produced by publishers other than Al Young Studios, such as books and calendars that use your artwork.  Can I purchase these products on your web site or at the Studios?
A: No.  Products created or licensed by 3rd parties and available through retail outlets other than Al Young Studios cannot be purchased from the Studios.

Q: How is shipping handled for original oil paintings?
A: Shipment of original oil paintings is NOT included in the price of the artwork, nor are costs associated with packaging and shipping original artworks calculated by our Shopping Cart to accommodate the complexity and proper handling of large original artworks.  All arrangements for insurance, packaging, shipment, delivery, installation, quality assurance, and payment are arranged separately with the customer for each purchase.

Q: My order was damaged during shipment.  What do I do?

3  Ordering

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Q: Can I order wholesale?
A: Yes, wholesale pricing is available online for most of our products.  If an item qualifies for wholesale pricing, price breaks will be noted on the product's detail page, and discounts will be applied at checkout.  If you intend to resell the product, you cannot resell it for a price lower than the current price on our site.

Q: How do I order online?
A: Any Studios product can be purchased online, including original oil paintings that are still available.  At the page featuring a product you want to purchase, click the Buy Now or Add to Cart buttons.  The Buy Now button takes you directly to the Shopping Cart, the Add to Cart button keeps you on current product page from which you may continue browsing—after which you may go to the Shopping Cart and check out.  Any item can be removed from the cart at any time, and no order information is ever stored until a transaction is complete.  Your privacy while making purchase decisions is very important to us.  If you have any trouble ordering online, please give us a call and we will take your order over the telephone.

Q: How do I order by mail?
A: Telephone the Studios, then mail us a check.  See Contacting Al Young Studios.

Q: How do I order by telephone?

Q: Can I pay by check or money order?
A: Customers in the United States can pay by check or money order (payable to Al Young Studios) by sending payment with a mail-in order form.  See Contacting Al Young Studios.  Please fill out the Shopping Cart and select pay by check.  The prices on each product page only represent the cost of the item without shipping.  If you select Pay-by-check in the cart, it will allow you to print a PDF to enclose with your order with the correct shipping costs.

Q: Can I pay by credit card?
A: Yes, a credit card (VISA, MasterCard, and Discover) are the preferred method of payment.  You may order by telephone or by means of the Shopping Cart with a credit card.  For your privacy and protection do NOT send any credit card information via mail or email.

Q: Can I purchase and pick up my order in-store?
A: Payment in full is required before an order can be filled.  And before an order for art prints, issues of the Journal, etc., can be filled, the products must be printed.  The Studios does not stock an inventory of printed products (except for My Father's Captivity).  Just like orders to be shipped, in-store pick-up requires that you order online or telephone or email the Studios far enough in advance to allow for printing, and to arrange for an appointment, during regular business hours, so that you can pick up the order.

Q: Does your site have a Security Certificate?
A: Yes.

4  Returns

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Q: Can I return my Studios order or part of my order?
A: No.  All sales are final.

Q: My order was damaged in shipping.  What do I do?

5  Contacting the Studios

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Q: How can I contact Al Young Studios?

Q: May I visit the Studios?

Q: Where is the Studios located?

Q: May I request a Studios tour?
A: Only for a small group (six or less) of adults (no one under the age of 12 even if accompanied by an adult).  Tours must be arranged at least one month in advance.  See Contacting Al Young Studios.

6  Products

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Q: May I request that my print or book be signed by the artist or author?
A: The Artists of Al Young Studios do not sign open-edition prints (paper or giclee).  We sign only original artworks.  In addition to the original oil paintings available from the Studios, only the limited-edition lithographs (considered originals because of the process by which they are created) are signed by the artist.  If a signed copy of My Father's Captivity is desired, a card signed personally by the author will be included with the book.  No inscriptions.

Q: What is an open-edition print?
A: "Open edition" means that there is no limit to the number of prints in an edition or printing.  Such an edition differs from a "limited edition" wherein a finite number of images are produced consistent with specifications pertaining to the edition as a whole.  Open-edition prints are produced, instead, for the purpose of making copies of an artwork as widely available as possible, and are priced accordingly.

Q: Does Al Young Studios offer limited-edition prints?
A: The limited-edition lithographs in the Limited Editions Collection are produced, documented, signed, and numbered according to the demanding tradition of genuine limited-edition artworks.  Giclée prints are open-edition, not limited-edition prints, and are therefore not signed by the artist (i.e., the Artists do not sign individual giclée or paper prints).

Q: Does the Studios offer any "limited edition" giclée prints?
A: No.

Q: What is a "print" or "poster print"?
A: "Poster print" simply means that the image is printed on paper, not canvas.  Wide format poster prints (14 in. x 18 in. or larger) are printed on a high-quality, lustre paper.  Smaller prints (such as 5 in. x 7 in., 11 in. x 14 in., etc.) are printed on a slightly glossy 100# cover paper.

Q: What is a Giclée?
A: A giclée (pronounced zhee-clay) is a high-resolution, digital copy of an original artwork.  The copy is printed by ink-jet on canvas and then coated with a protective covering.  Most giclées available from the Studios are shipped unmounted.  The canvas print includes a 2-in. border surrounding the image so that a framer can stretch the canvas print onto stretcher bars, or otherwise mount it preparatory to framing.

Q: How much would it cost to have my giclée mounted and then shipped to me?
A: Giclée prints 14 in. x 18 in. or smaller can be mounted on foamcore and shipped, ready for framing.  Pre-mounted canvas prints larger than 14 in. x 18 in. are not available for shipped orders because of the fragility and expense of shipping.  However, if you can pick up your order in-store, the Studio can arrange to have your canvas mounted to foamcore or stretcher bars no matter the size of your giclée.

Q: What does the label "Original Oil Painting" mean, and what does it mean when it appears as SOLD?
A: Every color print available from the Studios is a high-resolution, digital copy of an oil painting created by an Artist of Al Young Studios.  The painting itself is referred to on the web site as the "original oil painting."  There is only one original oil painting created for each image, and such paintings are available for sale.  Purchasing an original oil painting does NOT transfer any of the copyright to the purchaser (that is, any of the rights to copy the image).  All rights to reproduce the painting or its image in any way remain solely with the artist.  Any exceptions to this (such as permission to copy the work in any way) must be obtained in writing from the artist before copying an artwork in any way, and may involve a fee.  The sale of the original painting has no effect whatsoever on the availability of prints from the Studios.

Once sold, an original artwork is no longer available for sale from the Studios, and may not return to the market for many years.  Once an original artwork is sold, the Studios has nothing to do with its re-sale, care, insurance, or anything else.  The owner assumes full responsibility upon purchase of the artwork.  Unless copyrights (in whole or in part) are also sold with the artwork, the Studios retains all rights to the image.  If, however, rights to the image are also sold, the Studios cannot, make or offer prints of the artwork.
When an image owned by the Studios (or its Artists) appears in a publication, for example, it does so under the terms of a license granted to the publisher, allowing the publisher to copy the image in the publication.  That limited license pertains only to the publisher.  The publisher cannot, for example, grant a license to anyone to copy the artwork appearing in the publication, nor can the Studios grant anyone permission to copy anything in the publication.
Only images to which Al Young Studios owns the copyright appear on sites owned and maintained by the Studios.

Q: Does the Studios offer a gallery catalog?
A: This web site is our catalog of commercially available, original artworks; however, depending upon the nature of the interest in such a catalog, the blank-book art journals available from the Studios may be of interest.  For detail about these full-color publications, please see the Newsroom articles about Inspirations as well as At Home.  Unlike published gallery catalogs, the web site is always up to date with the Studios' most recently available works of art.

7  Framing

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Q: Which sizes of prints sold by Al Young Studios are a standard frame size?
A: Domestically and internationally, these are the standard frame sizes: 5x7, 8x10, 11x14, 11x17, 12x16, 14x18, 16x20, 18x24, 20x24, 20x28, 20x30, 24x30, 24x36, 30x40.  Standard does not necessarily mean readily available.  What is available in a particular country or locale is a question of retail availability, concerning which the Studios has no information.  The Studios' objective in offering these standard sizes is to provide as complete as possible a selection of sizes corresponding to ready-made frame options.

The Studios' selection of custom-sized prints is provided for customers for whom having the full image is more important than having an image that fits a ready-made frame size.  Of course, matting or frame liners may reconcile print size and dimensions with ready-made frame sizes, but this and all other framing considerations are necessarily matters of taste, budget, and available options.

Q: Are framed versions of prints available from the Studios?
A: No ready-made options are available from the Studios; however, high-end custom framing is available in some cases.  Read more ...

Q: Does Al Young Studios provide custom framing?
A: Yes; however, custom framing provided by the Studios is for museum-quality frames involving design, construction, gold leaf, and finishing (such as antiquing and waxing).  The process is costly and time-consuming.  Read more ...

Q: Can I engage the Studios to frame artworks not sold by the Studios?
A: Perhaps; however, the Studios does not seek such projects, and may decline them for a variety of reasons.  Such projects would require thorough planning and contractual arrangements concerning such considerations as indemnification of the Studios in regard to the artworks to be framed, transported, etc.

Q: Is the write-up for a painting included automatically with an order for a print of the painting?
A: No.

Q: Can I order a copy of the write-up for a painting?
A: Not at present.  However, for any non-profit, personal use of a write-up (such as the preparation of a placard to be framed with a print) you may quote from the write-up, provided you cite the artist.  For any other uses of the artist's commentary, appearing either on the detail page for an image, in the Newsroom, or anywhere else, please contact the Studios.

8  Permissions

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Q: How do I obtain permission to use one of your images for a non-profit or for-profit presentation, publication, or other medium?
A: You must not use any Studios image (whether photograph, artwork, logo, or anything else) for commercial purposes without prior, written, and explicit license from the Studios.  Read more ...

Q: May I copy Studios images (including photographs, logos, drawings, artwork, etc.) when they appear in publications?
A: Only if you obtain prior written permission from the Studios.

Q: May I post an image from your web site to my blog, Facebook page, or other web site?
A: Yes.  Please provide a link from the image to our web site ( and include the following citation with each image you use:  Copyright by (name of artist).  All Rights Reserved.  Courtesy of Al Young Studios.

9  Services

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Q: Does the Studios offer apprenticeships or internships?
A: Not at present.

Q: Do the Artists of Al Young Studios provide art lessons?
A: Only in terms of published lessons and the following free online resources appearing as articles in our Newsroom:

    Inspiration and creativity
    Project commentaries
    Tips & techniques
    Tools, supplies and operations