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The Papers of Seymore Wainscott: Travels-in-Scotland volume 3 now available

By Al R. Young

Seymore, Leornian, and Bonnie Duhg descend at Derncroft from Threave Castle and camp for the night at Carlinwark Loch.  The trio travels by coach along the road to Drumfries and on to Lincloudon, at the confluence of Cludin Water and the River Nith.  At the abandoned Lincloudon Abbey, Seymore and Leornian meet the last survivor of the thriving lytfolc community that once lived there.  In the unexpected largess of the lytfolc antiquities of Lincloudon, Seymore discovers an old map that will eventually change his life... Read more »

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The Papers of Seymore Wainscott — Travels-in-Scotland volume 2 now available

By Al R. Young

As Seymore takes the first steps of his journey into the heart of Scotland, he starts to realize that he belongs to the setting and the heritage in which he finds himself.  He doesn't want to leave Lanham and Virginia's tidewater, but to bring Scotland home with him—at least those things that he can use to make his own home better.  Always curious about the how and why of things, Seymore continues to pursue his own questions about creativity and community.  He records his thoughts about these things in his diary, but there's also plenty of travel just to be enjoyed in that playful sense in which creativity always meets new experience—not knowing how or when or whether something will ever prove useful... Read more »

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The Papers of Seymore Wainscott — Travels-in-Scotland volume 1 now available

By Al R. Young

During the White Pavilion correspondence in 1796, Seymore searched through his archive for mementos of his 1761 trip to Scotland and the ensuing aerovoyage by balloon from the Firth of Clyde to the Firth of Forth.  Upon finding the diary, in which he had long ago begun recording his overland travels from Kirkudbright to Ayr, he sent his daughter a transcript of it in the hope that she might not only enjoy reading it, but find important corollaries between his balloon adventures and the making and maintaining of home... Read more »

Tags: Travels in Scotland Vol. 1, 2016, News, Novellas

The Papers of Seymore Wainscott — White Pavilion novellas now available

By Al R. Young Two excerpts from Seymore's own writing on the subject of home—presented in The White Pavilion correspondence—best express the primary focus of these novellas:History that is concerned only with government and war, with territory and money, with discovery and invention, is merely the history of consequences.  The history of home and family is the history of causes.    (Seymore Wainscott to Merrinand Woodruff, 1785 August 16)And this declaration:Home provides the consummate opportunity for expression and renewal of the soul... Read more »

Tags: The White Pavilion Vol. 1, The White Pavilion Vol. 2, The White Pavilion Vol. 3, The White Pavilion Vol. 4, The White Pavilion Vol. 5, 2016, News, Novellas

The Papers of Seymore Wainscott — Bevel Wainscott novella now available

By Al R. Young While the Boxwood Folios  introduce The Papers of Seymore Wainscott, this novella more particularly introduces Seymore.  It does so by presenting Seymore's draft biography of his father.  The document is a very early and partial draft that focuses primarily upon Seymore's childhood and his own experiences resulting from his father's decision to pursue self-employment as a consulting burrower  (an established guild among the lytfolc that is essentially analogous to civil engineering)... Read more »

Tags: Bevel Wainscott Vol. 1, 2016, News, Novellas

The Papers of Seymore Wainscott — Leornian Feldham novellas now available

By Al R. Young Seymore Wainscott's story is very much about the horizons a person brings to his or her own life; very much about where a person lives in mind and heart regardless of where one's life actually occurs at any particular time.  Seymore had his share of hardship, like anyone else, but he was always searching the horizon for whatever he could add to his life, always trying to live in a wider world than the sometimes narrow circumstances in which he found himself.  And, like everyone else, Seymore benefitted greatly from those who took an active and beneficent interest in him... Read more »

Tags: Leornian Feldham Vol. 1, Leornian Feldham Vol. 2, Leornian Feldham Vol. 3, 2014, News, Novellas

The Papers of Seymore Wainscott — Boxwood Folios novella now available

By Al R. Young This volume introduces The Papers of Seymore Wainscott  by taking the reader back, with the author and his wife, to Charlottesville, Virginia in 1979, where Al was enrolled as a graduate student at the University of Virginia.  A selection of photographs in the volume shows where they actually lived, even including the appropriately lemon-colored car they actually drove and kept coaxing back to life during their starving-student days.  And there really was a used book sale sponsored by the Corcoran Department of History and Al really did purchase a copy of A Compleat History of Europe: or, a View of the Affairs thereof, Civil and Military, for The Year 1710, but from there on, as they say, you're on your own... Read more »

Tags: The Boxwood Folios Vol. 1, 2012, News, Novellas