Al Young Studios

primary ongoing fine art projects (collections)

Original artworks produced by the artists of Al Young Studios are part of themed collections because the Studios is organized after the pattern of the Renaissance workshops of the old masters.

The artists take the long view of their work as being a lifetime journey toward mastery of artistic expression through selected techniques, reaching as far back as the 16th century.  Artists work as peers in an intensely creative community in which each artist pursues his or her own work as part of the group’s philosophy.

Subject-matter research; fabrication and acquisition of such things as costuming, props, accessories; use of models; framing and other in-house services support the work of the Studios.  Works are also produced within a strong tradition of curatorial documentation.

These are the collections.  Dates derive from the earliest artwork currently in a collection. While each artist is skilled in various media, Studios products consist of these primary media (in alphabetical order).

primary publications (in alphabetical order)

The Studios only publishes and sells works produced by the Artists of Al Young Studios.  The primary themes of these works are beauty, faith, family, and home.

online art gallery and bookstore

The Studios markets and sells its products direct to the public.  The commercial site at (since 1998) is its sole retail outlet.

BenHaven (the studio itself, since 1992) is also available—by appointment only—for viewing original artworks.  Contact information is provided on our Newsroom.  Because of Al’s ongoing leukemia (CLL) and hemolytic anemia, strict compliance with scheduling and health-related requirements is necessary.  We appreciate your consideration.

public services

The The BenHaven Archives, a family archive, is nearly a century old and serves a growing community of interest in family heritage.  However, with the publication of My Father’s Captivity in 2009, an online presence for the Archives was established—as a public service—to help families of former Japanese POWs discover more about their heritage.

In addition to published art lessons, we provide the following free online resources appearing as articles on our Newsroom:

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