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Al Young Studios Newsroom

Site update summary


Flagship site updated
flagship site updated
A bi-monthly site update on October 23, 2014, features the following enhancements:
Major changes to the format and content of the FAQ page, including correlation of the page with operational and other content in the Newsroom, numbered headings and QA couplets for ready reference, addition of a Services section, review and updating of all content.

The following Operations announcements have been added to the Newsroom since the previous site update:
Contacting Al Young Studios
Receiving a shipment from Al Young Studios
Guidelines for requests to copy or publish artworks created by the Artists of Al Young Studios
Policy changes and greater detail concerning framing services available from Al Young Studios.

Artworks created for temples lists artworks created by the Artists of Al Young Studios for these sacred structures and explains copyright policies governing such works.

Better correlation between product detail pages and Newsroom content for the following:
Art Lessons
The Papers of Seymore Wainscott
Lithographic fine art printing process
Inspirations (blank-book diary
At Home (blank-book diary)
New products and project commentaries added to the site since the previous site update include:
90th issue of The Storybook Home Journal, featuring Six Star Ranch by Eleanor H. Porter
October upload of 121 new photographs by Tanner Young
September upload of new photographs by Tanner Young
Project commentary for Other Sheep I Have by Elspeth Young

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