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Blank Art Diaries: Edition of At Home now available as spiral-bound art diary

This blank-book journal sells for $32 (plus shipping) direct from Al Young Studios.  Printed in full color on heavy paper, the book is bound with black plastic spiral to rest flat when open.

At Home: A Personal Journal  features 128 original artworks consisting of 51 original oil paintings from the Artists of Al Young Studios, 44 images from the Studios' Limited Editions Collection, nine pen and ink drawings and block prints by Ashton, seven of Al's exquisitely crafted pencil drawings, and one lithograph from his private portfolios.

Opposite the illustration pages are 53 ruled pages that can be used as a journal or diary.  Twelve watercolors from Elspeth's private portfolios appear as watermarks on the lined pages.  Each of the 53 illustration pages also features an inspiring quotation about the making and keeping of home, excerpted from The Papers of Seymore Wainscott by Al R. Young.

These original artworks are featured in the journal.  They are listed, here, according to the Studios' portfolios to which they belong:

From the Heroes of the Book of Mormon Fine Art Collection
And My Soul Hungered
At The Going Down Of The Sun
I Will Send Their Words Forth
Not Knowing Beforehand
The Road To Melek
From the High Valley Fine Art Collection
Bedtime Story
Enchanted Stillness
Far Away In The West
I Always Wanted To Own A Strad
In The High Valley
Journey's End
North Country
Old Shannon
Sara Crewe
Spring Rain
St. Gallen
The Grey Havens
From the Limited Editions Fine Art Collection

   42° North
   70° West
   Anne Girl
   Back Country
   Back Shore
   Black-eyed Susan
   Butternut Center
   By Candlelight
   Captain Jim's
   Evening Post
   Fairy Tales 1
   Final Draft
   Gifts of Morn
   Green Island
   In the Clearing
   J.R.R. Tolkien 1
   Jane Austen 1
   Land's End
   Mark Twain 1
   Miguel de Cervantes 1
   Mill Creek
   North Shore
   Robert Louis Stevenson 1
   Snow White
   Summer's End
   The Limberlost
   The Pond
   Wald Kirche

From the The Messiah Fine Art Collection
So They Brought Their Little Children
One By One
We Heard Him Pray For Us
Will Ye Not Now Return Unto Me
From the Pioneer Fine Art Collection
Mountain Home
Growing Light
From the Women of the Bible Fine Art Collection
According To Thy Word
A Damsel Came To Hearken
And Martha Served
As It Began To Dawn
Bearing A Child In Her Arms
Charity Never Faileth
Choose You This Day
Forsaking All
For Such A Time As This
For This Child I Prayed
God Liveth And Seeth Me
Go Forth To Meet The Bridegroom
Here Bring Your Wounded Hearts
Is Anything Too Hard For The Lord
I Say Unto Thee, Arise
I Shall Be Whole
She Is Come Aforehand
She Worketh Willingly With Her Hands
The Daughters Of Zelophehad
The Joy Of Our Redemption
The Miracle Of Forgiveness
The Mother Of All Living
The Windows Of Heaven
Treasure The Word
Upon Awakening
Waiting For The Promise
from ashton young's illustration and private portfolios

   Aquilegia Clematifolia, block print
   Symbol for the Tribe of Joseph, A Fruitful Bough
   Water Lilly, block print
   Window at the Assembly Hall, lithograph

from al r. young's private portfolios

   Captain Jim's Lighthouse, graphite pencil, 1990
   Chateau d'Aigle, graphite pencil, 1983
   On the Borders of the North, graphite pencil, 1985
   Tanner at the Mixing Bowl, limited edition lithograph, 1993
   The Beehive House, graphite pencil, 1987
   The Governor's Palace, graphite pencil, 1987
   The Morning Breaks, graphite pencil, 1993
   The St. George Temple, graphite pencil, 1987

Tags: North Shore, Nasturtium, Wald Kirche, Scabiosa, Foxglove, Narcissus on beige paper, July, Columbine, Maine, Final Draft, Unfurling, Back Shore, Summer's End, Gifts of Morn, Black-eyed Susan, Land's End, Solitude, The Limberlost, Perdita, Evening Post, By Candlelight, Snow White, Meadow, Lakeshore, Charity, In the Clearing, Mill Creek, 42° North, 70° West, Back Country, Jane Austen 1, Robert Louis Stevenson 1, Miguel de Cervantes 1, Mark Twain 1, J.R.R. Tolkien 1, Fairy Tales 1, Haven, Anne Girl, The Pond, Spring Rain, North Country, The Grey Havens, Journey's End, Enchanted Stillness, Bedtime Story, In The High Valley, Old Shannon, Pavane, Legend, Mountain Home, Sara Crewe, And My Soul Hungered, 3.00.0246.010, The Road To Melek, We Heard Him Pray For Us, Will Ye Not Now Return Unto Me, The Mother Of All Living, The Joy Of Our Redemption, I Shall Be Whole, I Say Unto Thee, Arise, One By One, The Windows Of Heaven, At The Going Down Of The Sun, The Miracle Of Forgiveness, Not Knowing Beforehand, Captain Jim’s, Butternut Center, Green Island, Far Away In The West, A Damsel Came To Hearken, St. Gallen, At Home (lined notebook, 2-pack), Waiting For The Promise, Charity Never Faileth, Is Anything Too Hard For The Lord, Forsaking All, God Liveth And Seeth Me, Treasure The Word, The Daughters Of Zelophehad, As It Began To Dawn, For Such A Time As This, According To Thy Word, For This Child I Prayed, Choose You This Day, She Worketh Willingly With Her Hands, And Martha Served, She Is Come Aforehand, Upon Awakening, Go Forth To Meet The Bridegroom, I Always Wanted To Own A Strad, Here Bring Your Wounded Hearts, I Will Send Their Words Forth, So They Brought Their Little Children, Bearing A Child In Her Arms, Growing Light, 2014, Blank art diaries, Home quotes, Inspiration and creativity, News, The Papers of Seymore Wainscott

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