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Receiving a shipment from Al Young Studios

Shipment  damage
shipment  damage

We strongly advise that upon receipt of shipment:
The contents of the shipment be carefully unpacked as soon as possible.

Items in the shipment be inspected to ensure that no damage occurred during shipment.

Any suspected damage to shipment contents be reported immediately to the Studios by email or by telephone.  Email may prove preferable because information required in addressing such problems will eventually need to be communicated by email anyway, emails to are automatically registered in the Studios' helpdesk, email provides a written record of the communication, and emails are not subject to the hours-of-operation governing the Studios' telephone system.
One of the primary reasons for immediacy in reporting suspected problems with a shipment is that the United States Postal Service refuses to review any insurance claim sixty (60) or more days after shipment.

Al Young Studios prints its publications and open-edition prints only on demand, and inspects each item individually before it is included in a shipment.  Great care is also taken in the packaging of each shipment so that it consists not only with postal requirements, but the Studios' quality assurance procedures and order-fulfillment experience of many years.  While the Studios cannot be responsible for damage in shipment, we strive to assist our customers in applying for a resolution of such problems.

As stated on the Studios' commercial Internet site, all orders/purchases are final and cannot be returned.  Damage in shipment, however, presents a problem concerning which the Studios is anxious to help.  If you suspect that your order was damaged in shipment please contact the Studios immediately with the following information:
1.   Order date.
2.   Name of the person who placed the order.
3.   Date the shipment was received/accepted.
4.   Date the shipment was unpacked.
5.   Photograph and brief description of the item(s) as received.
6.   Photograph and brief description of the condition of the packaging as received.
Please email the foregoing information to us.

keep all items and packaging materials in case they are required as part of resolving the insurance claim.

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