Staying after school

By Nancy Young
 Our Twain issue steamboated itself out to subscribers last week, a little slow due to a stem-to-stern overhaul of The Journal's working space (the second, and hopefully, final one this year!)
So this week we're already deeply entrenched in Dickens' Little Dorrit in order to make up for lost time; and since all sorts of make-up work is heavy on our minds, we wanted to take a moment to share a few things here on this very neglected Newsroom section.
First, we had no opportunity to use two beloved Winslow Homer paintings in Mississippi Summer, but since they're perfect for back-to-school days and particularly for staying in from recess or staying after school to do do make-up work, we've shared them here... Read more »

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A look at Miss Marianne's music

By Elspeth C. Young
One of my favorite things about creating The Storybook Home is the need we have to choose the subject for each article. Each issue becomes a treasure hunt for us—combing through each book, deciding what topics we'll be burrowing into during the months of research and creation. Sense and Sensibility was no whit behind in tantalizing our historic and creative curiosities. From down-sizing from Norland Estate, to the mulberry trees at Delaford, to Elinor's painted firescreens to the dainties Mrs... Read more »

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Heidi's Christmas carols

By Elspeth C. Young
Christmas isn't Christmas without inspiring music, and Heidi's Christmas just wasn't complete without a carol arrangement.  Any reader of Heidi knows that carols are never specifically mentioned within the book, but Spyri left ample clues as to her own hymn favorites, and it was just a small step from there to choosing Heidi's very own Christmas carol.  Though every translation I've ever seen of Heidi seems to choose different hymns and poetry to replace Johanna Spyri's original choices for the Grandmother's "old prayer-book with beautiful songs," looking at the original German, Spyri was very specific in her choices... Read more »

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Farewell Sawrey, welcome Just David

By Al R. Young

We're finding that Beatrix Potter's spell of delight is as potent as it was when Peter Rabbit first raided Mr. McGregor's garden, as evidenced in the kind response we've received on the Summering in Sawrey issue—some subscribers rating it as their favorite issue ever.  We also received these charming images (above)—thanks to subscribers Rebecca Copeland and Rowena Edlin-White, based on Beatrix's ongoing "sideshows" that seem never to lose their endearing appeal.
Just David shipped on Monday, and we hope visiting the backroads of New England will give readers as much pleasure as our stay in Sawrey... Read more »

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Musical odds and ends from Deephaven

By Al R. Young As we continue work on the next Journal issue featuring Sarah Orne Jewett's Deephaven, we discovered some little snatches of musical trivia that invited a bit of research. There will only be room for Elspeth's new piano sheet music arrangement of the British folk tune, The Turtledove, within the Journal's pages. (See image, below, for a sneak peek of measures 5 through 7.) We thought we'd include a little bit of the musical trivia we unearthed about quotes from Deephaven here in the Newsroom, for any interested readers... Read more »

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