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Ready to pick up where I left off

By Al R. Young Under Whose Wings Thou Art Come to Trust was painted by the artist in the studios at Ben Haven.

dimensions (unframed width x height)
35 3/8 in. x 76 7/16 in.


Research begins — 2003 January
Composition begins — 2012 August
Brushwork begins — 2013 December
Painting completed — 2014 May

Creating a painting often involves creating or modifying tools or making improvements to the studio itself... Read more »

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Color formula shorthand

By Al R. Young When I embarked on oil painting, I spent a lot of time mixing the colors of the rudimentary palette with which a mentor suggested I begin.  And because of ideas that correlate color with wheels, I arranged the colors and my experiments accordingly, as I methodically mixed colors in the abstract and also created tonal scales.

If I used a lot of a particular hue in a particular mixture my record of the formula consisted of a big dot for the part the hue played in the mixture.  Addition of a little bit of a hue was represented by a little dot... Read more »

Tags: 2014, Color, Tips and techniques

The perfect black

By Elspeth C. Young

For artists, like me, who lean to the Caravaggistic in lighting, the phenomenon of the perfect "black" for a mood-setter within a painting, can be a bit of a pigment puzzler.  While many artists have a favorite black as part of their palette, I purposefully pass by the black section of the paint tube world—perhaps it's the loyal watercolorist in me—but I just don't accept the idea that black is simply #000000—zero color.  In my book, black is as rich and full as any other color, and as deeply reflective as white can be... Read more »

Tags: A Lamp Unto My Feet, 2012, Color, Tips and techniques

To mix, or not to mix . . .

By Elspeth C. Young

I can remember, as a small child, eagerly watching my father get out his palette, paint tubes, medium, and palette knives to carefully mix colors for a day of intense painting.  In fact, one of my earliest memories is watching him mix thick oil paints for a wall mural he painted in my bedroom.  I watched from the perch of a stool--with my elbows practically in the paints--while he mixed and matched and mixed again.  I became so intrigued that my long pigtails dipped right into the colors... Read more »

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