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Everenne Jurevanne (Under the Northern Mountains)

Everenne Jurevanne(Under the Northern Mountains)Copyright © by Al R. Young  All Right...
Everenne Jurevanne
(Under the Northern Mountains)
Copyright © by Al R. Young  All Rights Reserved

by Al R. Young, oil on panel, 2017
37 in. x 45 in.
This handmade, original oil painting was created by the artist in the studios at Ben Haven.
It is part of The Isles of Rune Project, an ongoing creative endeavor of the Artists of Al Young Studios.  
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Behind the title of the painting

This painting was created as part of the Isles of Rune Project.  The scene presented in the painting is the setting for The Song of Lunta, a story about the coming of winter and the meaning of snow.  That story derives from a Legendary, also created by the artist, in which an expansive land existed—long before history began—where the Arctic Ocean is now.  When that land disappeared, the reindeer fled southward and found shelter in the lowlands that are now known as Finland.

The title of the painting is presented in both Ainamarian and English.  Ainamaria is the constructed language created by Al R. Young as part of the legendary from which derive the original artworks and stories belonging to the Isles of Rune.  Evere is the Ainamarian word for north.  Jure is the word for mountain.  The forms of these two root words adhere to the grammar of the language, in which mountain becomes plural and the subessive case ending takes care of under.  Read more ...

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