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Robert Louder

AP Biology

AP Environmental Science

Sample Essay: C3, C4, and CAM Plants (.doc)
Sample Essay: Photosynthetic Reactions (.doc)
Table: Eukaryotic Gene Regulation (.xls) (.xml)
Table: Tissue Types Chart (.xls) (.xml)
Chart: Photosynthesis Lab (.xls) (.htm)
Chart: Transpiration Lab (.xls) (.htm)
Chapter Objectives
Sample Essay: European Brown Bear (.doc)
Sample Essay: Amazon Rainforest (.doc)
Table: Alternative Energy Sources (.xls) (.xml)
Chart: Aquaculture (.xls) (.htm)
Chart: Argentina (et al) Population Data (.xls) (.htm)
Chart: Oil Production (.xls) (.htm)
Chart: Solar Cooker (.xls) (.htm)
Chart: Survivorship Curves (.xls) (.htm)
Chart: World Population (.xls) (.htm)