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Al Young Studios Newsroom

Blog content and functionality now available in Newsroom on

Newsroom online
Newsroom online

We have added a Newsroom to our flagship Internet site (

The Newsroom presents the blog posts and blog-page contents that have appeared on our blog suite since we initiated them in January 2010.  Categories associated with each Newsroom article offer the same functionality and view of content that have been available on the Studios' blogs.  And because of the way the Newsroom presents article summaries, we sincerely hope visitors will find that the Newsroom actually makes it easier to peruse the hundreds of articles accumulated during the last four and a half years.

Each blog will continue to be available indefinitely and as presently constituted; however, new articles will be published only in the Newsroom.

We have also modified the blog widget (in the upper right-hand corner of the main page of each blog) so that links to the News Blog, The Storybook Home Journal Blog, The Papers of Seymore Wainscott Blog, and My Father's Captivity Blog redirect visitors to the Newsroom.

Reasons for this significant change in the Studios' Internet presence include:

Bringing the presentation of blog content within the Studios' infrastructure.
Giving online visitors better access to the full range of news and features published by the Studios.
Providing a more stable platform for significant expansion of content delivery.

We have not provided a follow capability as part of the Newsroom because the Studios' social-media presence serves the notification function.

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