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New selection of fine art prints of Far Away In The West by Ashton Young


Far Away In The West by Ashton Young is the newest oil painting to be added to the High Valley Collection as well as the Pioneer Collection of original artworks from Al Young Studios.  Six fine-art print styles and sizes of this new image are now available at, ranging in price from $13.00(4x17.25 poster print) to $265.00 (reproduction giclee canvas).

Click here to see a larger copy of the new painting and look at the selection of available prints.

The image features the dream of freedom and peace that was dear to refugees from religious persecution on America's western frontier in the 1840s.  Far Away In The West is the 91st image in the High Valley Collection (since 1983) and among the first in the new Pioneer Collection.  It is also the 144th image in the Studios' commercially available fine-art portfolio.

The six open-edition prints of this new painting bring to 1,880 the number of prints and giclee canvases available at -- exclusive retail outlet for artworks produced by the artists of Al Young Studios.

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