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A wood-block brush holder

Two 2x6 scraps were glued together and then holes were drilled on a drill press to make this brush and tool holder.

Earlier brush holders, such as the pedestal and spindle brush holders, worked well enough, but took up a good deal of space for the number of brushes they could hold, and required hitting a target of two separate holes for the brush handle.  Consequently, I have switched to using brush holders that provide greater brush density and a single shaft in which the brush handle rests.  Even minor characteristics of things like a brush holder or tool caddy influence the rhythm of the work of painting.

One of the major reasons for devoting time and energy to a customized studio environment is to provide for the unhindered flow of ideas and energy that are an essential part of artwork.  Painting is really a dance, which is why I like to think of the interaction between the artist, the painting, and the studio as a matter of choreography.  Break the rhythm of that interaction and it very nearly breaks the flow of ideas, or, in other words, the flow of solutions to the endless parade of obstacles that present themselves from the very first brushstroke.

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