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The Dawning Of A Brighter Day - Original oil painting

The Dawning Of A Brighter Day - Original oil painting

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"The Dawning Of A Brighter Day" features Joseph Smith reading in the Book of James in the New Testament. Framed. Oil on panel, 37.75 in. x 44.5 in. Made in the USA. Categories: Al Young, Figure, Joseph Smith, Oil painting, Pioneer & The Dawning Of A Brighter Day

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The Dawning Of A Brighter Day - Original oil painting by Al Young

The Dawning Of A Brighter Day - Original oil painting

by Al Young

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Copyright 2023 by Al Young, All Rights Reserved. You may not print, copy, or reproduce this work or make derivate works from it without the prior written consent of the copyright holder. For permissions, please review our FAQ page.

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The Dawning of a Brighter Day

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Artist's commentary about the painting... Read more »

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Gallery Walk: The Dawning of a Brighter Day by Al R. Young

By Al R. Young

the story in this painting
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Blank Art Diaries: In Their Footsteps features pioneer commentaries and original artworks from Al Young Studios

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A riddle, a mystery and an inigma

By Al R. Young The Dawning Of A Brighter Day (Joseph Smith) was painted by the artist in the studios at BenHaven.

dimensions (unframed width x height)
37.75 in. x 44.5 in.


Photo shoot for figure – 2009 May
Brushwork begins on original composition – 2011 October
Photo shoot from which fruit tree was taken – 2012 April
New composition formulated and brushwork begins – 2012 May
Painting completed – 2014 December

Based on regular entries in the project journal for this painting, creation of the artwork involved approximately 107 sessions (from composition and panel preparation to completion of brushwork)... Read more »

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Al R. Young completes new oil painting - "The Dawning Of A Brighter Day"

By Al R. Young The Dawning Of A Brighter Day is the newest oil painting to be added to the line of original artworks from Al Young Studios.

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