Vol. 3 No. 5 - Rebecca Of Sunnybrook Farm

Vol. 3 No. 5 - Rebecca Of Sunnybrook Farm

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17th issue of The Storybook Home Journal™. Features Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm by Kate Douglas Wiggin. Full color issue containing 28 pages with 62 illustrations. 12 articles. 8.5 in. x 11 in. booklet. Made & Printed in the USA. Categories: Kate Douglas Wiggin, Magazine, Nancy Young & Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm

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Vol. 3 No. 5 of The Storybook Home Journal

Rebecca Of Sunnybrook Farm

What's in this issue?

The Monday Washing the Decorating article

Capture the best about old fashioned wash days by making the laundry room beautiful as well as efficient.

A Riverboro Colation the Kitchen article

Recipes for molasses cookies, summer squash tart, caraway wafers, cordial, and cherries and cream biscuits.

Friday Afternoon Recitations the Music article

Re-create an old fashioned school recitation. Includes sheet music of arrangement of the Old Oaken Bucket (melody line and guitar chords -- fake book style).

That Winter Must Ever Come … the Garden article

Create beautiful dried flower arrangements and potpourri. Includes plant list of flowers suited to drying, as well as illustrations of how to make hollyhock dolls.

Out Of Unpromising Material the Workshop article

Illustrations and commentary for features in a laundry room remodeling. Some changes are structural while others are decorative. Includes storage ideas.

[Kate Douglas Wiggin] the Bookshelf article

Biographical sketch of Kate Douglas Wiggin, and a list of selected works.

In The Spirit Of Porch Swings the Lead article

Introduces the new, full-color and expanded format of The Storybook Home Journal. The improvements are made in the spirit of porches, quiet conversation, gentle laughter, and refreshing treats from a time when families and neighbors spent more time on the porch.

Flowers For Dress-Up the Looking Glass article

Use flowers to adorn hair, hat, or make a wristlet.

[Living Richly Without Being Rich] the Attic article

Cookie cutters, bath products, home-grown dried flowers, and a laundry label that can be copied for personal use.

Daydreaming: A Moment Of Renewal the Studio article

An interview with artist Al R. Young.

[One Real Home Always Makes Others] the Veranda article

Reminiscences of a visit to Quillcote, the home of Kate Douglas Wiggin. Includes recollections of home make-over to suite personal taste.

The Sifting Of Forgetfulness the Writer's Garret article

A simple effort by a seventh grade teacher changes a child's life.

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Storybook Life (overview)

By Nancy Young
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Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm by Kate Dougle Wiggin

By Al R. Young Reviewed by Nancy Young

Just as Kate Douglas Wiggin's life was full of compassion and creativity, so is the life of Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. This charming and delightful novel introduces the reader to seven-year-old Rebecca Rowena Randall and follows her journey through childhood and adolescene.
At the outset, Rebecca goes to help her Aunt Miranda at the Brick House, even though Rebecca's older sister was actually the sister Miranda wanted. Despite the circumstances, even cold-hearted and efficient Aunt Miranda begins to see that Rebecca, though more prone to daydreaming and reading than cooking and cleaning, is just as wonderful... Read more »

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New Issue of the Storybook Home Shipped - Rebecca Of Sunnybrook Farm

By Al R. Young The Rebecca Of Sunnybrook Farm issue of The Storybook Home Journal is now available from Al Young Studios.  This issue features these regular sections:Decorating - The Monday Washing (3 pages)Kitchen - A Riverboro Colation (4 pages)Music - Friday Afternoon Recitations (2 pages)Garden - That Winter Must Ever Come … (4 pages)Workshops - Out Of Unpromising Material (3 pages)Bookshelf - [Kate Douglas Wiggin] (1 page)Lead - In The Spirit Of Porch Swings (1 page)Glass - Flowers For Dress-Up (1 page)Attic - [Living Richly Without Being Rich] (1 page)Studio - Daydreaming: A Moment Of Renewal (3 pages)Veranda - [One Real Home Always Makes Others] (3 pages)Garret - The Sifting Of Forgetfulness (2 pages)Rebecca Of Sunnybrook Farm is the 23rd issue of the Journal, published bi-monthly since November 2000... Read more »

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