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Vol. 14 No. 4 - Penelope Travels Abroad

Vol. 14 No. 4 - Penelope Travels Abroad

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82nd issue of The Storybook Home Journal™. Made & Printed in the USA. Categories: Kate Douglas Wiggin, Magazine, Nancy Young, Penelopes English Experiences, Penelopes Experiences in Scotland, Penelopes Irish Experiences & Penelopes Postscripts

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Vol. 14 No. 4 of The Storybook Home Journal

Penelope Travels Abroad

What's in this issue?

On The Canvas Of Your Heart the Decorating article

In these pages, we traipse about behind Penelope, Salemina, and Francesca learning lessons about how to paint any spaces we inhabit onto the canvas of our hearts, and make them as enchanting, satisfying, and reassuring as they can possibly be. The eight lessons that follow make it possible for anyone to bring home the charm of Penelope's travels and incorporate it into daily life.

The Three Lovliest Models the Hearth article

Joining my voice with Penelope (whose artistic advise is well worth following!) I offer a handful of insights gleaned along the way for those who wish to capture—in any medium—the fleeting, bewitching magic we call childhood.

Tea In The Bay Window the Kitchen article

Food is as essential a detail in decor as the pillows on an easy chair or the rug before the kitchen fire. Transient they may be, but slender baguettes, fresh-from-the-garden tomatoes, baskets of strawberries with their frills on, ripe raspberries picturesquely staining blue transferware bowls, pies cooling on the windowsill, or a pitcherful of freshly-cut herbs on a pantry shelf are as functional as furnishings. Recipes include: Comfort Cottage Chilled Cherry and Thyme Soup, Rich Rhubarb Tart, Clovelly Scones, Casa Rosa Tea Cakes, Little Swiss Cakes, Pestalozzi Cake, and Geneva Cake.

Such Stirring Melodies the Music article

Elspeth presents scores for her own arrangements of The Hundred Pipers, The Meeting of the Waters, and Down by the Sally Gardens.

Beautiful As Italy the Garden article

What rest for our souls do we take back from our a vacation amidst Casa Rosa-type gardens when there is no Beppo-the-gardener to care for them and we are the only cheap labor we have on retainer? The answer is presented as four pointers from Penelope that can help in bringing traces of an Italian garden back home from abroad.

Cunning Fingered Elves the Workshop article

Follow these simple instructions to create an elf's hiding place — or a beautiful garden cloche, if you prefer — to welcome the wee folk to your garden.

Pack Your Bags for a Beaver the Writer's Garret article

Seymore finds his journal from his 1761 balloon voyage across Scotland. He announces his intention of sharing his account of the voyage in his correspondence with Merrinand because the places we inhabit, frequent, or perhaps visit only once . . . . are the neighborhood of mind and character where we really live, which, of course, shapes everything we do. And so, because that excursion to Scotland with Leornian has been one of those places in which I have lived ever since—one of the places that has exerted a profound influence upon our life at The White Pavilion—I thought I might share with you not only the daybook and journal I kept of the voyage, but some commentary as well.

From the Newsroom

Storybook Life (overview)

By Nancy Young
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.storybook life is a trademark of al young studios... Read more »

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The Papers of Seymore Wainscott TM by Al R. Young (overview)

By Al R. Young novellas constituting the papers
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New Issue of the Storybook Home Shipped - Penelope Travels Abroad

By Al R. Young The Penelope Travels Abroad issue of The Storybook Home Journal is now available from Al Young Studios.  This issue features these regular sections:Decorating - On The Canvas Of Your Heart (9 pages)Hearth - The Three Lovliest Models (3 pages)Kitchen - Tea In The Bay Window (11 pages)Music - Such Stirring Melodies (2 pages)Garden - Beautiful As Italy (3 pages)Workshops - Cunning Fingered Elves (1 page)Garret - Pack Your Bags for a Beaver (2 pages)Penelope Travels Abroad is the 88th issue of the Journal, published bi-monthly since November 2000... Read more »

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From an enchanted April on to May

By Nancy Young Photographs by Elspeth Young
Yet again, our May Day flower phantom caught us napping and surprised us with a delightful little bouquet--this year a bouquet of Gerber daisies. Thank you whoever you are!
The first of May bouquet (along with a long line of ads) reminds me that Mother's Day is closer at hand than I'd like to believe--especially since The Enchanted April issue has only been in circulation for a couple of weeks. Currently we're traveling with Kate Douglas Wiggin as our guide through Penelope's multiple tours, tales, and experiences... Read more »

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