Vol. 13 No. 3 - Doctor Thorne & Framley Parsonage

Vol. 13 No. 3 - Doctor Thorne & Framley Parsonage

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Vol. 13 No. 3 of The Storybook Home Journal

Doctor Thorne & Framley Parsonage

What's in this issue?

A Perfect Paradise the Decorating article

Trollope's admiration of Millais as an artist, an illustrator, and a friend never diminished. Both men also respected and looked to their wives' opinions in their work. For Millais (whose wife's nickname was Effie), the result was a profound and wonderful influence upon his painting. While other genre painters were creating canvases busy with such bric-a-brac, Millais' rooms maintained a restrained, thoughtful editing -- celebrating random, intimate Effie Touches that remain instructive today.

A Basket of Eggs the Hearth article

Presents detailed instructions for engaging in the antique art of decalcomania.

My Own Nest the Kitchen article

We have endeavored to give some sense of the delectables that might have been served up in a few of the varied nests scattered throughout the landscape of Doctor Thorne and Framley Parsonage, each home represented by a one-course, wonderfully edible nest of its own--all supremely suited to springtime. Featured recipes: Boxall Hill Roast Fowl and Sausage Nests, Gatherum Castle Butter-Poached Salmon and Sauce, Greshamsbury Strawberry Tart, Cranborne House Pate Choux, Doctor Thorne's Baked Dumplings.

Sweet and Pleasant the Garden article

This installment of The Garden,/i> describes springtime delights of a parsonage garden, including period-perfect perennials that would have bloomed there in Trollope's day. In addition to illustrations that take you back to such gardens, the article steps back in time by quoting liberally from Hardy Perennials and Old-Fashioned Flowers by Victorian British author John Wood.

The Big Stone Steps the Workshop article

Paths in myth and legend are symbolic of the discovery of great eternal verities, but in Trollope's Barsetshire they may only be the means of gathering a crucial bit of gossip or securing an evening's engagement. Illustrations show how to create a simple flagstone path.

Hair, Which Was Copious the Looking Glass article

Presents step-by-step instructions for recreating an authentic Victorian side-braided chignon that might have been worn by a Fanny Robarts or a Mary Thorne.

Living Richly Without Being Rich the Attic article

Entertainments among Victorians included serialized novels and piano and vocal performance.

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Storybook Life (overview)

By Nancy Young
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.storybook life is a trademark of al young studios...
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The Papers of Seymore Wainscott TM by Al R. Young (overview)

By Al R. Young novellas constituting the papers
Novellas constituting this product are available for purchase directly and solely from Al Young Studios.  They are not available in retail outlets.  Novellas are printed on demand, and can be purchased individually.  Each 24-page novella is printed in full color.  No advertisements.  Page size - 8.5 in. x 11 in. (printed on 11 in. x 17 in. sheets, folded and stapled).  Paper weight - 24#.

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Framley Parsonage by Anthony Trollope

By Elspeth C. Young

If you love Jane Austen, read Framley Parsonage.  Its principal heroine, Lucy Robarts, is as witty, winning, and utterly lovable as Elizabeth Bennett, and on a scale of one to Mr. Darcy, the male romantic lead, Lord Lufton, rates at least a solid nine.

Set in Trollope's West Barsetshire, this fourth book in the Barsetshire Chronicles is my personal favorite.  Readers watch the rise and fall (and rise again) of Framley's young parson, Mark Robarts, and rejoice in the constancy of his beloved wife and best champion, Fanny... Read more »

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Many happy returns of Anthony Trollope's birthday

By Nancy Young
Though we missed Easter, we were able to get the Doctor Thorne and Framley Parsonage issue of theJournal mailed out—quite fittingly—today on the 198thanniversary of Anthony Trollope's birth. Significant to posting today, as well, is the fact that Trollope is one of the British postal system's most celebrated sons. Split across two professions—postal employee and popular novelist—he managed to leave his mark on Victorian society through both. His most prominent contribution to the post, of course, are the iconic red pillar boxes which gave Victorians their first-ever opportunity to post their letters without having to enter the post office, wait in queues and have postal workers quiz them on their letter's contents—a sure boon to an increase in love letters... Read more »

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New Issue of the Storybook Home Shipped - Doctor Thorne & Framley Parsonage

By Al R. Young The Doctor Thorne & Framley Parsonage issue of The Storybook Home Journal is now available from Al Young Studios.  This issue features these regular sections:Decorating - A Perfect Paradise (5 pages)Hearth - A Basket of Eggs (2 pages)Kitchen - My Own Nest (7 pages)Garden - Sweet and Pleasant (5 pages)Workshops - The Big Stone Steps (1 page)Glass - Hair, Which Was Copious (1 page)Attic - Living Richly Without Being Rich (1 page)Doctor Thorne & Framley Parsonage is the 81st issue of the Journal, published bi-monthly since November 2000... Read more »

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Doctor Thorne by Anthony Trollope

By Al R. Young Reviewed by Elspeth Young

Doctor Thorne, Anthony Trollope's third novel in the Barchester series, is the story of devoted fatherhood. The innovative Greshamsbury physician, Henry Thorne, has always done the right and decent thing since his youth; no more so than when, despite his bachelorhood, he offers to take in the unwanted, illegitimate offspring of his older brother, to raise as his own child. At once, little Mary's hopes are his hopes, her dreams his dreams. Her sorrow is his sorrow, her triumph his own... Read more »

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