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Vol. 5 No. 6 - Wives and Daughters

Vol. 5 No. 6 - Wives and Daughters

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30th issue of The Storybook Home Journal™. Features Wives and Daughters by Elizabeth Gaskell Full color issue containing 24 pages with 84 illustrations. 10 articles. 8.5 in. x 11 in. booklet. Made & Printed in the USA. Categories: Elizabeth Gaskell, Magazine, Nancy Young & Wives and Daughters

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Vol. 5 No. 6 of The Storybook Home Journal

Wives and Daughters

What's in this issue?

Returning From The Meadows the Decorating article

Ideas for containers for both collecting displaying nature's treasures. Also includes examples of ways of artfully displaying collections of various specimens.

Everything That Is Unrefined the Kitchen article

Discussion of eight British cheeses and their culinary uses. Recipe for a British cottage loaf and instructions for shaping it.

That Beautiful Piece Of Kalkbrenner's the Music article

Piano solo arrangements for Black is the Color of My True Love's Hair, and theme from Friderick Kalkbrenner's LaFemme du Marin. Includes a brief biographical sketch of Kalkbrenner.

A Rose, I Daresay the Garden article

Suggestions for capturing the beauty of old fashioned rose gardens in the contemporary home garden. Includes instructions for budding and pegging roses. Also includes a discussion of rose specimens authentic roses from the 1820s and 30s.

A Rare Specimen the Workshop article

Instructions for creating a specimen cabinet.

Sisters the Lead article

Recollections of growing up as a younger sister.

Living Richly Without Being Rich the Attic article

Instructions for creating three dimensional paper butterflies and ideas for hand painted eggs that imitate nature, gourmet cheese accessories, and bringing the beauty of nature indoors.

Aunt Francie's Hydrangeas the Veranda article

Reader Karen Hazlett shares memories of the strength of a loving, caring aunt.

Waves And Means the Writer's Garret article

The sudden need to repair an appliance turns a pleasant evening upside down, but teaches a lesson to last a lifetime.

From the Newsroom

Storybook Life (overview)

By Nancy Young
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Wives and Daughters by Elizabeth Gaskell

By Al R. Young Reviewed by Elspeth Young

When Elizabeth Gaskell first subtitled Wives and Daughters "An Everyday Story," she was, I believe, laughing at (or perhaps with) society and her readers.  At first meeting, little twelve-year-old Molly Gibson — daughter of the village surgeon in a bygone era — is, indeed "everyday." She is a young slip of a girl fretting over and eagerly anticipating her first visit to the Towers — the local seat of political power and fashion. She looks quaint in her plain white frock and straw bonnet, only to find out how disappointing society life can be... Read more »

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New Issue of the Storybook Home Shipped - Wives and Daughters

By Al R. Young The Wives and Daughters issue of The Storybook Home Journal is now available from Al Young Studios.  This issue features these regular sections:Decorating - Returning From The Meadows (1 page)Kitchen - Everything That Is Unrefined (1 page)Music - That Beautiful Piece Of Kalkbrenner's (1 page)Garden - A Rose, I Daresay (4 pages)Workshops - A Rare Specimen (4 pages)Lead - Sisters (3 pages)Attic - Living Richly Without Being Rich (2 pages)Veranda - Aunt Francie's Hydrangeas (1 page)Garret - Waves And Means (2 pages)Wives and Daughters is the 36th issue of the Journal, published bi-monthly since November 2000... Read more »

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