Vol. 19 No. 6 - The Family at Misrule

Vol. 19 No. 6 - The Family at Misrule

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Vol. 19 No. 6 of The Storybook Home Journal

The Family at Misrule

What's in this issue?

The Room You Might Expect the Decorating article

In the current trend to small spaces, personal touches can become more elusive or altogether disappear.  Of necessity, practical considerations tend to win out; so, unless the design of the entire house has sufficient personality, any notion of a sentimental favorite may have to evaporate into the digital sphere.  What to do about this is the focus of his installment of Storybook Decorating.

Make a Wish the Hearth article

How to make peg dolls for a wishing tree.

Longed for More the Kitchen article

We put together some of the best—as well as the most straightforward—of everyday puddings both savory and sweet.  We made them extra easy by choosing baked rather than steamed puddings in order to avoid the potential for the soggy or the boggy.  Featured pudding recipes include: Rice Pudding, Very Best Rice Pudding, Poppet's Pasta and Cheese, Pip's Pudding, Little Mother Meg's Fruit and Spice Pudding, Savory Sage and Cheese Bread and Butter Pudding, Brioche and Jam Pudding, Sweet Carrot Pudding, and Hasty Vegetable Pudding.

To Make a Song the Music article

Tanner talks about musical composition generally, and offers suggestions on how to approach the task.

The Most Wonderfullest Tree the Garden article

The major attraction of Sydney's Eden—at least in The Family at Misrule—is the historied "wishing tree near the entrance gates."  This installment summarizes the history of that tree and talks about carrying on the tradition at home.

Growing Up the Workshop article

Provides design and instruction hints for creating a family growth chart that asks animals indigenous to Australia to help measure everyone in the family.

Planning our Escape the Writer's Garret article

Seymore discovers that he actually relishes the adventure on Mull, even though the personal stakes are high.  The first question is not how to protect themselves or the collection from the Fetts, but to figure out where it ultimately belongs.

From the Newsroom

New Issue of the Storybook Home Shipped - The Family at Misrule

By Al R. Young The The Family at Misrule issue of The Storybook Home Journal is now available from Al Young Studios.  This issue features these regular sections:Decorating - The Room You Might Expect (4 pages)Hearth - Make a Wish (1 page)Kitchen - Longed for More (7 pages)Music - To Make a Song (2 pages)Garden - The Most Wonderfullest Tree (4 pages)Workshops - Growing Up (3 pages)Garret - Planning our Escape (2 pages)The Family at Misrule is the 120th issue of the Journal, published bi-monthly since November 2000... Read more »

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Storybook Life (overview)

By Nancy Young
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Contacting Al Young Studios

companion articles to issues of The Storybook Home Journal

.storybook life is a trademark of al young studios... Read more »

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