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Elspeth Young

Elspeth Young’s oil paintings express her lifelong fascination with capturing not only the human form, but the wonder of nature. Since graduating from Brigham Young University in 2003, she has worked fulltime as an artist, and while a diverse range of commissions has given her experience in various media, she now concentrates her painting primarily on religious art, in which her natural talent, exhaustive research, and craftsmanship are exemplary. She also contributes to every facet of The Storybook Home Journal™, which regularly features her photography and music, as well as her skill as a graphic artist. Each Inspired™ album produced by Al Young Studios also features her work as a composer, arranger, and performer.


    1. Women of the Bible Art Collection
    2. Western Pioneers Art Collection
    3. Messiah Art Collection
    4. Book of Mormon Art Collection
    5. High Valley Collection

Women of the Bible Art Collection
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Western Pioneers Art Collection
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Messiah Art Collection
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Book of Mormon Art Collection
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High Valley Collection
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