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The Papers of Seymore Wainscott — Boxwood Folios novella now available

The Boxwood FoliosVolume 1
The Boxwood Folios
Volume 1
This volume introduces The Papers of Seymore Wainscott  by taking the reader back, with the author and his wife, to Charlottesville, Virginia in 1979, where Al was enrolled as a graduate student at the University of Virginia.  A selection of photographs in the volume shows where they actually lived, even including the appropriately lemon-colored car they actually drove and kept coaxing back to life during their starving-student days.  And there really was a used book sale sponsored by the Corcoran Department of History and Al really did purchase a copy of A Compleat History of Europe: or, a View of the Affairs thereof, Civil and Military, for The Year 1710, but from there on, as they say, you're on your own.

Boxwood  in the title of this volume refers to Boxwood Hall, a plantation house in the story.  It was at Boxwood Hall that, in 1982, the now famous Boxwood Folios were discovered.  Thus, volumes in the series, which we have named The Boxwood Folios, will eventually tell the story of the wainscott collection (i.e., the documents themselves).  For now and for some time to come, however, we anticipate that the focus of this creative project will remain on telling Seymore's story, which is why this particular series in The Papers of Seymore Wainscott  consists of but a single volume.

Detail from 1794 map of virginia, maryland and delaware with Charlottesville in the upper left, on t...
Detail from 1794 map of virginia, maryland and delaware with Charlottesville in the upper left, on the Three Notch Road running northwest of Richmond, and Williamsburg to the southeast, between the James River and the York River
It will be noted from this volume's table of contents (as it appears in the Newsroom article presenting the contents of each novella) that a variety of authors are credited with the material presented.  Seymore Wainscott was a diarist and prolific author in addition to his other pursuits, which included not only collecting documents, libraries, and papers from his contemporaries and earlier sources, but establishing the Gatherum Archives.  Consequently, his papers include the works of numerous individuals and, where possible, we have relied upon his contemporaries and other original sources in the telling of his story.

The image of the map by Jedidiah Morse is presented courtesy of the New York Public Library.

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