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The Papers of Seymore Wainscott — Bevel Wainscott novella now available

Bevel WainscottVolume 1
Bevel Wainscott
Volume 1
While the Boxwood Folios  introduce The Papers of Seymore Wainscott, this novella more particularly introduces Seymore.  It does so by presenting Seymore's draft biography of his father.  The document is a very early and partial draft that focuses primarily upon Seymore's childhood and his own experiences resulting from his father's decision to pursue self-employment as a consulting burrower  (an established guild among the lytfolc that is essentially analogous to civil engineering).  Bevel's decision to go into business for himself and not only travel throughout Virginia's tidewater region, but to also frequently relocate his large family, profoundly influenced Seymore.
The governor's palace in Williamsburg by Al R. Young
the governor's palace in Williamsburg
by Al R. Young
Several years before Seymore's birth, Bevel had been among the adventurers who left Amherst Plantation, on the shores of the Chesapeake, to plant the Lanham lytfolc colony in their new home on a land patent granted to the greátfolc family of John Catlett.  During the planting, Bevel was among the number whose misadventures resulted in a protracted ordeal of captivity and torment.  This resulted in serious physical, mental, and emotional challenges with which Bevel dealt for the rest of his life.  Thus, as Seymore's life unfolded, the challenges his father faced (as well as other serious congenital challenges afflicting his mother) exerted a lasting influence upon the youthful Seymore, for which his native giftedness was not only a great blessing, but fraught with serious challenges of its own.

This novella is not only important to understanding something of Seymore's aspirations and challenges, but in providing a more complete appreciation of the merits of what he did and what he later wrote about creative genius, home, family, and endurance.

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