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Portfolio: Architectural drawings


This portfolio presents architectural drawings, created by the Artists of Al Young Studios, that can be used as illustrations.  Digital copies of each illustration are available from Al Young Studios for use in either commercial or non-profit publications and media.  If you are interested in applying to the Studios for a license to reproduce any of these original artworks, please follow the instructions at Guidelines for requests to copy or publish artworks created by the Artists of Al Young Studios.  The Studios will respond as quickly as possible.

If you are interested in commissioning the Studios to create illustrations, please see Guidelines for commissioning Al Young Studios to create illustrations

Each thumbnail in this portfolio links to a page presenting the entire image.

Most of the images appearing here consist of a pen and ink drawing superimposed upon a digital background.  Each pen and ink image is available either as the pen-and-ink with no background (ink only) or as it appears here with the background.  Images rendered in other media such as pastel, water color, etc., are available only as they appear here.

The titles of some of the artworks indicate that the image is part of a series (e.g., No. 1, No. 2, etc.).  This portfolio represents a topical selection of images excerpted from a much larger collection of artworks.  Serially named images are numbered with reference to the larger collection.  Consequently, a portfolio like this may not contain all of the numbers in a particular series.

Knock and it Shall Be Opened
Knock and it Shall Be Opened

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