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Bookmarks added to Al Young Studios' product line

By Al R. Young Full-color, printed bookmarks are now available for most of the original artworks in our commercial fine art portfolio.  The price per bookmark starts at $1.50 (plus shipping) with quantity discounts built-in to our shopping cart.

Each bookmark measures 2.2 in. x 8.5 in. (55.88mm x 215.9mm) and is printed on sturdy 9pt (110#) paper with a gloss finish.  A full-color image of each artwork, cropped to fit the vertical format of the bookmark appears with accompanying text.  The full selection includes images from each of our fine art collections:

Book of Mormon Collection --  All artworks
Women of the Bible Collection -- All artworks
The Messiah Collection
     And Martha Served (Martha)
     As It Began To Dawn (Mary Magdalene)
     At The Going Down Of The Sun (Nephi the Disciple)
     Bearing A Child In Her Arms (Mary and the Christ Child)
     Go Forth To Meet The Bridegroom (A Wise Virgin)
     I Say Unto Thee, Arise (The Daughter of Jairus)
     I Shall Be Whole (The Woman with an Issue of Blood)
     Living Water (The Samaritan Woman at the Well)
     Martha, Martha
     One By One (The Messiah)
     She Is Come Aforehand (Mary of Bethany)
     So They Brought Their Little Children
     That Good Part (Mary of Bethany)
     The Miracle Of Forgiveness (The Woman Taken in Adultery)
     The Windows Of Heaven (A Certain Poor Widow)
     Unto The City Of David
     Upon Awakening (Pilate's Wife)
     We Heard Him Pray For Us (The Messiah)
     Will Ye Not Now Return Unto Me (The Messiah)
Pioneer Fine Art Collection -- All artworks
High Valley Collection
     Bedtime Story
     Den Kommende Varen (The Coming Of Spring
     Den Kommende Vinteren (The Coming Of Winter
     Enchanted Stillness
     Far Away In The West
     In The High Valley
     Journey's End
     Sara Crew
     St... Read more »

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