Print Documentation

Edition 12
12 August 2000

The key image(s) for this edition (these editions) of original lithographs was(were) hand-drawn by the artist on a single Bavarian limestone. The gray colored flats were made on an aluminum plate by the printer. Processing, proofing, printing, and all curatorial work were done by hand by Wayne Kimball of Pleasant Grove, Utah. Trial proofing occurred in July 2000 and edition printing was completed in August 2000.

This edition (these editions) of lithographs is(are) comprised only of the impressions enumerated in the following table. All other impressions have been destroyed. Each impression of each image is hand-signed, titled, dated (year), and numbered or proof-designated by the artist. The images on the stone and plate have been effaced in such a way as to render them unprintable in a similar state to that accounted for in this document.

Eleven trial proofs for Edition 12 were printed on various papers, and in various ink colors, and used as referential material for Edition 11 and Edition 12.

In the following table, "50 Roman" appears in the Arabic column. This numbered edition is Roman, not Arabic.

Paper German Etching Paper (see note above about "various papers")
Paper size 9 in. x 7 in. (torn, after printing, to sizes noted in table )
Image size As noted in table
Printing elements One Bavarian limestone
Number of printing runs Two
Number of colors One (see note above about "various ink colors")

Title Chop Paper Size
Image size
Colors TP BAT Arabic AP WP
Stamp Page 1 no 9 x 7 9 x 7 2 11 1 50 Roman 4 2