A dark gold, off-the-shelf moulding surrounds this
two-tone mat presentation.

Two mat colors accent this presentation of Haven,
outlining the print in a darker color that sends the
print to the foreground.

Another off-the-shelf moulding is used with matboards
surrounding the print with two shades of green.


Size recommendations have been prepared for the matting of each print in the collections. If you have a professional framer who will frame your print, you can use these recommendations to specify frame and mat sizes. The recommendations are presented in a PDF file.

Adobe Acrobat Reader LogoAdobe PDF LogoThis file requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader®. It is recommended that you use the most recent version of the software. The Reader is available for free download from the Adobe® Web Site.
Click here to view or download the file.

Framing Help

Click here for technical information and suggestions for framing fine art prints.