A Gallery of Framing Ideas

Articles pertaining to framing and the presentation of fine art prints are also available in issues of The Storybook Home:

70°N & 42°W

70°W appears in a free standing display reminiscent of a clock box. The miniature frame is an antiqued metal leaf. The print floats on linen. The frame is set back-to-back in the hand-made box with 42°N, the companion print—shown below in the picture of the other side of this box.

Captain Jim’s Lighthouse

Captain Jim’s Lighthouse is one of Al Young’s pencil drawings. This framing features an outer mat of linen. The linen presents a varied texture because the masonite beneath it has been painted. The presentation’s inner lining, or filet, is also made of antiqued masonite prepared by the artist.

This pencil drawing was a precursor of the print North Shore that is part of the Maritime Collection.

The lighthouse model shown in this display was also made by the artist, and is featured in Moonlit.

Snow White

Snow White is featured here in a replica frame (purchased from a third party and used “as is”). The mat is linen, accented with a pressed flower.

Captian Jim’s

Captain Jim’s is presented in a frame that blends traditional moulding with the suggestion of waves on the sea. The mat is a coarse fabric that has been painted in a manner also suggesting the sea and sailing.


This presentation of Charity brings the gold of the moulding onto the coarse fabric of the mat. The use of a dark, coarse fabric associates the mat with the textures suggested by the cape and skirt worn by the figure in the drawing.

Evening Post

In this presentation of Evening Post, rose leaves have been painted on the fabric mat surrounding the print in order to echo the Crimson Rambler on the porch in the print itself. The leaves are painted in gold, providing a transition from the gold-leaf of the frame to the green fabric of the mat.

In the Clearing

Elements in the print itself are echoed on the linen mat surrounding this presentation of In the Clearing.


This presentation of Narcissus combines a variety of colors and textures.


Perdita appears, here, in a gold-leafed frame in which both gold leaf and cloth-covered mat have been “antiqued.” The gold of the moulding is echoed in the gold lining of the mat surrounding the print.


This presentation of Unfurling presents the print in a canvas-lined frame typical of oil paintings. The gilded moulding, canvas lining, and filet have been antiqued. Gold has been applied to the coarse fabric of the mat.

Summer’s End

Summer’s End appears in a traditional, gold-leafed and antiqued moulding, with linen-covered mat.


Columbine is presented in a jewel case mounting in which the print floats above wrinkled velvet.

Columbine is part of the Floral Collection.