Clark Field, December 8th, no. 3 (4.14.1213)

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Clark Field, December 8th, no. 3
Clark Field, December 8th, no. 3
Page 1
Original Location
Map.jpg 15°11′09″N 120°33′37″E / 15.185833°N 120.560278°E / 15.185833; 120.560278
Physical Characteristics
Pages 2
Photocopy/reproduction No
Dimensions 9.9375 in. x 8.03125 in.
Creator/Origin Unknown
Donor Charles E. Montgomery
Collection Unincorporated
Date 8 December 1941

Clark Field, December 8th, no. 3 (BenHaven archives reference no.: 4.14.1213) Aerial photograph taken by the Japanese during the December 8, 1941, attack on Clark Field.


This print was found among the papers of Alfred R. Young in The BenHaven Archives. Alfred probably received the print from Charles E. Montgomery. A complete description of the origin of the photograph can be found in William H. Bartsch's book December 8, 1941: MacArthur's Pearl Harbor (College Station: Texas A&M University Press, 2003), p. 319.

This document is Artifact 4.14.1213 in the BenHaven Archives.

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