Departure, Oklahoma City, no. 1 (4.14.0001)

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Departure, Oklahoma City, no. 1
Departure, Oklahoma City, no. 1
Page 1
Original Location
Map.jpg 35°27′20″N 97°31′10″W / 35.455654°N 97.519455°W / 35.455654; -97.519455
Physical Characteristics
Pages 2
Photocopy/reproduction No
Dimensions 2.75 in. x 4.25 in., image is 2.375 in. x 4.125 in.
Creator/Origin Unknown
Donor Al Young Studios
Collection Unincorporated
Date 20 May 1939

Departure, Oklahoma City, no. 1 (BenHaven archives reference no.: 4.14.0001) S.P. Young, Alfred R. Young, and Ollie B. Cole are standing on the railroad platform in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Alfred had just been sworn in as a recruit bound for Fort McDowell. The photograph was taken May 20, 1939. Ollie wrote this note in pencil on the back of the print: "May 20, 1939 Oklahoma City on his way to San Francisco for the army."


This document is Artifact 4.14.0001 in the BenHaven Archives.

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