Mindanao, bayonet training (4.14.0289)

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Mindanao, bayonet training
Mindanao, bayonet training
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Original Location
Map.jpg 8°28′29″N 124°40′11″E / 8.474666°N 124.669854°E / 8.474666; 124.669854
Physical Characteristics
Pages 1
Photocopy/reproduction No
Dimensions 10 in. x 8 in.
Creator/Origin Unknown
Donor [[19th Bomb Group Association|Template:19th Bomb Group Association]][[Category:Artifacts donated by Template:19th Bomb Group Association]]
Collection Unincorporated
Date 1 November 1941 - 10 May 1942

Mindanao, bayonet training (BenHaven archives reference no.: 4.14.0289) Bayonet training. Bud Morris identifies the man at left as George M. Jenkins. The photograph was taken by Sergeant Dick Bone.


This photograph appears in a memoir, written by Bud Morris, in the history of the 19th Bombardment Group, compiled by the 19th Bomb Group Association. The image appears here as a courtesy of the 19th Bomb Group Association. This digital copy is part of the Alfred R. Young papers in The BenHaven Archives.

This document is Artifact 4.14.0289 in the BenHaven Archives.

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