Departure, Oklahoma City, no. 2 (4.14.0002)

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Departure, Oklahoma City, no. 2
Departure, Oklahoma City, no. 2
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Original Location
Map.jpg 35°27′20″N 97°31′10″W / 35.455654°N 97.519455°W / 35.455654; -97.519455
Physical Characteristics
Pages 2
Photocopy/reproduction No
Dimensions 2.75 in. x 4.1875 in., image is 2.3438 in. x 4 in.
Creator/Origin Unknown
Donor Al Young Studios
Collection Unincorporated
Date 20 May 1939

Departure, Oklahoma City, no. 2 (BenHaven archives reference no.: 4.14.0002) The four men in the photograph are the group of recruits with which Alfred R. Young left Oklahoma City on May 20, 1939. Alfred (far right) stands next to Raymond Terry. They were bound for Fort McDowell. According to Alfred, the man at the far left was bound for Fort Warren, Wyoming. Nothing is known of the other recruit except that, according to Alfred, he, too, was bound for Fort McDowell.


This document is Artifact 4.14.0002 in the BenHaven Archives.

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