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The Veranda Articles

The Veranda: Life at the Flying W Farm

By Nancy Young
Long time Storybook Home subscriber and popular Mommy Blogger, Montserrat Wadsworth, lives with her family of twelve on a roomy ranch in northern Nevada.  She gives a glimpse of daily life through the seasons on the Flying W Farm in this Veranda article accompanying the 2014 Autumn Issue of The Storybook Home Journal, featuring The Sunbridge Girls at Six Star Ranch by Eleanor H. Porter.... Read more »

Tags: Vol. 14 No. 6, 2014, The Storybook Home Journal, The Veranda

A real-life Betsy's wedding

By Al R. Young

As our Betsy's Wedding issue shipped October 16th, we thought our readers would enjoy this real-life Edwardian wedding of Dan and his beautiful bride, Nettie, with her Tacy-like coronet braids (coincidentally their surname, like Tacy's, was Kelly); a wedding which took place just four years before Betsy and Joe tied the knot.  Excerpts from Nettie's wedding book are shared here by her granddaughter, Toni Langlais.  We met Toni, twelve years ago, just as our maiden issue of The Storybook Home Journal was coming out, and her correspondence has delighted us ever since... Read more »

Tags: Vol. 12 No. 6, 2012, The Veranda

Tying up loose ends

By Nancy Young

The last while has left us a little frazzled and frayed at our too-busy fringes, and consequently article-bereft, so we thought today to be an ideal time to smooth ourselves out, and tie up some needful loose ends.  First and foremost, we wanted to acknowledge these kind notes from subscribers from upstate New York, the East Midlands in England, America's Deep South and the upper Pacific Coast:  (Thanks so much, Flo, Rowena, Susana, and Mary Anne!)

"To all at The Studio, I just want to say I was talking to my best friend a few days ago and she had tried Nancy's recipe for "Wheaten Griddle Bread," and as soon as I could this afternoon, I made the recipe... Read more »

Tags: Vol. 11 No. 3, Vol. 11 No. 4, Vol. 12 No. 2, Vol. 12 No. 3, 2012, Bread making, Recipes by Nancy Young, The Veranda

Spectacular speculaas

By Al R. Young "If you would live a beautiful life have a beautiful farm," though not a precise quote from the Shakers, is certainly a concept they would have empathized with.  It is just as certainly a description of the world Carol Cordiale shares with her husband in their country acreage in historic upstate New York--as Carol describes it, situated "on a rise nestled between two hills with a brook flowing from East to West."  Together they have long cultivated an herb and cottage flower garden, raised sheep and goats, and even opened a little wool shop where, for a few years, Carol could sell the yarns she spun from the wool she gathered from her Nubian and Angora goats, and her llama, "Tommy-Hawk... Read more »

Tags: Vol. 4 No. 3, Vol. 12 No. 1, 2012, Floral arrangements, The Veranda

The Sunflower House

By Al R. Young
Perhaps the greatest joy we've gleaned from creating The Storybook Home Journal is the many friends we've met along the way.  One such kindred spirit is Janet, a bright, amazing, and beautiful mother of five, who recently contributed to The Veranda in our Beatrix issue, as well as The Veranda in our winter jaunt with Susan Coolidge's What Katy Did Next.

This morning she sent us word that she planted up her own real-life version of the "Sunflower House" garden plan we presented in The Boxcar Children issue in early summer 2005... Read more »

Tags: 2011, The Veranda

Farewell Sawrey, welcome Just David

By Al R. Young

We're finding that Beatrix Potter's spell of delight is as potent as it was when Peter Rabbit first raided Mr. McGregor's garden, as evidenced in the kind response we've received on the Summering in Sawrey issue—some subscribers rating it as their favorite issue ever.  We also received these charming images (above)—thanks to subscribers Rebecca Copeland and Rowena Edlin-White, based on Beatrix's ongoing "sideshows" that seem never to lose their endearing appeal.
Just David shipped on Monday, and we hope visiting the backroads of New England will give readers as much pleasure as our stay in Sawrey... Read more »

Tags: 2011, Music, The Veranda

Ireland Rose

By Al R. Young A long-time subscriber and past contributor to our Storybook Home Veranda (see Vol 6 No 5: Clover and In the High Valley) emailed us today, and shared the exquisite Valentine cookies she decorated this year. We immediately begged permission to share them with all of you, along with a link to Ireland Rose, her lovely Studio blog, which she graciously granted.

Though Valentine's Day is now past, we felt that any moment when the heart's hungry for beauty is the perfect time to devour some sheer loveliness--so, feast your eyes on these! And thanks, Rebecca, for gladdening these hearts as well as ours... Read more »

Tags: 2011, Holidays, The Veranda

The Veranda by Rowena Edlin-White

By Al R. Young Readers of The Storybook Home Journal will be familiar with The Veranda, a place for readers to share inspiring thoughts, images, and interests within the pages of the Journal. We'd like to expand our "Veranda" to include the Newsroom as well, and are beginning with a little more about British subscriber, Rowena Edlin-White. You may have already noticed our new sidebars, right and left, including a section for links to a few blogs of Storybook Home readers and subscribers of which we were already aware... Read more »

Tags: 2010, The Veranda