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Studios anniversary recalls summer of '97

By Al R. Young

Annually, we celebrate two anniversaries associated with the founding of Al Young Studios.  Today's anniversary, the groundbreaking, commemorates the summer of 1997, which was our initial foray into work as a full-time studio artist.

We spent that summer working on a series of illustrations for Victoria Magazine. The three-part series, consisting of excerpts from The Country of the Pointed Firs, by Sarah Orne Jewett, appeared in the July, August, and September issues... Read more »

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9th Anniversary of the WIS

By Al R. Young By Elspeth Young

John Steinbeck once said:  "We do not take a trip; a trip takes us." Throughout the years in which I have been a professional artist, I have found that every painting is a "trip," and that each artistic endeavor is an exodus to new realms of understanding, delight, challenge, and opportunity.

Today commemorates the ninth anniversary of the beginning of the Women of the Bible Project—a collection of oil paintings celebrating women of the Old and New Testaments... Read more »

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31st anniversary of the studio

By Al R. Young January 6th is an anniversary at Al Young Studios; the anniversary of my first attempt to set aside and equip a place dedicated to creating artwork. We celebrate the beginning of that ongoing effort because the task of configuring, equipping, maintaining, using, and improving a fine art studio is an amazingly multifaceted and demanding endeavor; at least, it has proven so for us.  It's an endeavor that never ends.

My journal entry for January 6, 1981, says simply:  "This afternoon, I started building a drafting table – which I hope to complete tomorrow... Read more »

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