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Deseret, an original stained glass artwork

By Ashton R. Young This original artwork costs $5,250 USD  —  PLUS  Utah sales tax, packaging, insurance and shipping
Packaging, insurance and shipping are the SOLE responsibility of the customer

To purchase the original artwork, contact the StudiosArtwork number - 3.26.0056

Artist's commentaryFind out about the creation of this handmade artwork... Read more »

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An example of stained glass plating

By Ashton R. Young This handmade, original work of stained glass was created by the artist in the studios at Ben Haven.  It was created for an exhibit conducted by the Chase Home Museum of Utah Folk Arts (Salt Lake City) and sponsored by the Utah Department of Cultural and Community Engagement.  Thirty Utah-based artists were selected to participate.
Proposal accepted for the invitational exhibition — 2021 February
Initial window design completed — 2021 March
Begins cutting glass — 2021 March
Window delivered for exhibit — 2021 June

Based on regular entries in the project journal for this window, creation of the artwork involved approximately 80 sessions... Read more »

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Restoring a stairwell window from 1908

By Ashton R. Young
The first step was to perform an on-site evaluation of the window's condition.  The next step was preparing a report of visible damage; setting forth what damage might be discovered upon disassembling the windows; proposing a scenario for restoring the window; identifying dependencies and describing what restoration might look like; and suggesting a fee schedule for completing the work.  These are some of the photos from the on-site evaluation:


The report identified the following categories of damage:

Cracked glass
Damaged came
Severely bowed came
Deteriorated glazing compound
Paint overspray and runs

With window casements and frames being repaired by other contractors, the Studios focused exclusively on the glass, which was to be remounted (without triple-glazing) into either refurbished or replacement frames and casements... Read more »

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