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Project Commentaries: Restoring a stairwell window from 1908

By Al R. Young
The first step was to perform an on-site evaluation of the window's condition.  The next step was preparing a report of visible damage; setting forth what damage might be discovered upon disassembling the windows; proposing a scenario for restoring the window; identifying dependencies and describing what restoration might look like; and suggesting a fee schedule for completing the work.  These are some of the photos from the on-site evaluation:


The report identified the following categories of damage:

Cracked glass
Damaged came
Severely bowed came
Deteriorated glazing compound
Paint overspray and runs

With window casements and frames being repaired by other contractors, the Studios focused exclusively on the glass, which was to be remounted (without triple-glazing) into either refurbished or replacement frames and casements... Read more »

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