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The BenHaven Archives: Jerry Berg publishes evaluation of Archive's POW shortwave radio message collection

By Al R. Young Anyone interested in the 340 images of POW messages currently available at the Internet site for The BenHaven Archives will benefit greatly from reading "POWMonitoring and the Messages of Alfred R. Young" by historian and author Jerry Berg. His review evaluates the Archives' collection in terms of such topics as demographics, message-relay formats used by shortwave listeners, message content, Radio Tokyo's presentation of the messages, and message recordings.

Mr. Berg's review is part of the many research aids available at Ontheshortwaves... Read more »

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The BenHaven Archives: WWII shortwave radio POW message collection

By Al R. Young
One of the increasingly amazing aspects of World War II is the extent to which not only the nation but its allies coalesced during the conflict. For the parents of Alfred R. Young, for example, an important facet of their home-front ordeal was the community of encouragement and commiseration that voluntarily sprang up around them.

Perhaps nowhere is this more evident or susceptible of study and understanding than in the letters, post cards, telegrams, and notes from telephone calls they received in connection with shortwave radio messages purportedly originating with their son... Read more »

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